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Children Centre Pelekan

Children Centre Pelekan is the company which elaborates exclusive programs for family rest with kids in the most beautiful places of our planet.
With great pleasure we are doing everything for your lightsome, useful and interesting rest with kids.  We plan your vacation so carefully that your rest will be as comfortable and interesting as possible for the whole family.


Plan your holiday with the Children Centre Pelekan and you will have the reliable partner, the program for the rest, entertainment and development well-thought-out by the experts.
We are confident of it because:


  • We’ll take care of everything.  Even of the things you’ve never suspected when the first time planned the rest with the children.
  • We know all the Pelekan’s children’s names. New children have born on our hands and families became bigger and happier.


Our specialists will assist you in everything, will offer many interesting occupations for adults and children, in case of need we will provide qualitative and timely medical care for you and your kid.


Each season we create new programs and our regular clients are the first to know about them.



Ideal mountain-skiing family resort (even for those who are in pampers and cradles)


You love winter! Are you pleased with the weather forecast promising plentiful snowfalls?
There is a unique chance to spend winter rest in Austria with the children. Present this pleasure to yourself and your kids. Show them mountains and the sun. Your children as well as you will fall in love with this snow paradise for ever:


We have chosen for you the warmest, sunniest and the snowiest time in the Alps.
Serfaus is an ideal place for family rest in Austria. Children's snow towns and educational slopes for kids are at your kids’ disposal. It is a fine place for adult’s skiing. With its unique range of attractions for children Tyrol's ski dimension Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is the top family skiing area in the Alps. From a large variety of child-friendly accommodations to the specially-reserved children’s zones in the skiing areas (kids' snowfield with a tubing park and mini ski-doo course in Serfaus, and Berta's Kinderland in Fiss-Ladis) with special attractions such as 


  • magic carpet conveyor lifts
  • practise lift
  • merry-go-round
  • swing
  • wave run
  • bob run
  • adventure course
  • tubing park
  • mini ski-doo course
  • kids' truck
  • dino forest
  • kids's town
  • zoo
  • kids' restaurants
  • adventure tower
  • Europe's first childrens's run

and much more has been prepared by the trained staff of the ski schools to help the little ones playfully  get involved in skiing and snowboarding.

Even the toddlers (from two-and-a-half) are carefully catered for in the visitors' kindergardens in the hotel.
There is an all thought up and thought over Children's hotel St Zeno ****. It is a full safety and comfort for the whole  family including the smallest visitors.


Especially for Pelekan's children:

  • A nurse and occupation for children from half 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. including walking and lunch
  • The children's menu adapted for Russian kids
  • Daily program for the children over 3 years with the Russian speaking ski instructor (for extra payment)
  • The children's mountain-skiing equipment hiring (for extra payment)
  • Occupation in pool with our instructor (from 2 p.m. till 4 p.m.)
  • Evening reading and watching cartoons (from 8 p.m.  till 9 p.m.)


The Pelican will bring books, toys and all the necessary things.



We have visited many countries, the seas and beaches in search for an ideal vacation spot for the rest with children. We have chosen Cyprus:

  • Comfortable and not long flight   
  • Beaches with pearl sand
  • Clean sea water
  • Comfortable climate
  • Silence and peace


We have added to this resting at the apartments, the professional personnel, children’s menu, occupation with mums and children. Now your family rest on Cyprus can be really comfortable, joyful and carefree.


You receive a great many advantages traveling with the small child under the program of the Children's Center Pelekan, because the program, the equipment and the selection of the personnel are initially oriented on parents having a rest with kids.

Your children will be surrounded by such care and attention that you can easily rest and devote time to yourself not worrying about your kid.
The care and the attention from the Children's center Pelekan is:


  • The Russian nurse for children
  • Physical development and navigation (from 0 till 6 years)
  • Developing programs (from 0 till 6 years)
  • Regenerative techniques for parents (respiratory gymnastics, aquagymnastics, finger gymnastics)
  • Group developing games (all day)
  • Consultations and lectures of the center’s experts (a teacher, gynecologist, pediatrician)


Present yourself the rest with the most important person in your life - with your child. Family rest is the security of your family’s future.


Have a rest and enjoy the communication with your children. Pelekan will take care of the rest!



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